Our M.A.D.N.E.S.S. Qualification:


Making Anyone Develop Newer Exceptional Success Stories


Specific Qualification Process


1.  Our Mission (the builder of our reputation), Our Goal (our vision), & Our Philosophy

     (our focus, how we operate)


2.  Important Notice (our commitment to our buyers and what we expect in return)


3.  Our Better Service Interview (we specifically get to know you)


4.  Buyer Service Pledge (Ministerial service Pledges)


5.  The Home Buying Process (explanation of process)


6.  Purchasers Financial Sheet (personal data to aid in the qualification process.)


7.  Buyer quick qualifier (illustrates the maximum loan the buyer will qualify for & the

                                   specific details of the desired home)


8.  Estimated information for Purchaser (estimate of buyer’s closing costs)


9.  Tax Benefit Worksheet (a calculation of how one can bring home more monthly

                                       money in their paycheck, which can be utilized to lower

                                       their mortgage investment payment)



Our “Modus Operandi” (How We Operate)



1.  Enhancing Your Ability (Getting the seller / buyer to say yes)


2.  Price & Value (The items that affect the price and value of homes.)


3.  Total Exposure (How and what steps we take to find the home of choice)



4.  Client Qualification (Specific outline of the buying / selling process)


5.  Financing (Outline of all financing programs—the suggested program to suit the transaction)


6.  Taking Specific Action  7.  Buying and Selling Sense (The way business transactions

                                                                                are done)

8.  Our Professional Service (our commitment to you)


9.  Negotiating for Win-Win Situations (satisfy both the buyer & seller)


10.  Worry-Free Transactions (Minimize tension situations)


11.  Our Professional Team (Who we are, Our efforts to do a good job for you)


12.  The Home Buying / Home Selling Process (Flowchart)


13.  Statutory Items (Agency Disclosures, Property Disclosures, etc.)


For Further Assistance And To Obtain More Information, See Our Agent Roster For A M.A.D.N.E.S.S. Certified Agent (M.C.)