About Us

"Who We Are; What We Represent" 

 Our MissionTo provide the highest quality service to everyone. 
To share  information so thatall of  our clients can  make prudent
judgments and sound decisions.  Overall, we strive  for client/customer
satisfaction—for you are the sources of our future business successes.


Our Philosophy“You don’t get something for nothing; He who cuts
his own firewood is twice warmed; If you have brain damage, then don’t
go to a foot doctor; Be good or be gone; don’t be a “bitsa”, one who gets
their information in bits and pieces.”


Our GoalTo continuously educate our clients and customers. Continuosly
 provide he highest Quality Service that can be offered. Everyone will obtain
up-to-date information so that sound and prudent decisions can be made.


Our Motto:  Diplomat Realty 2000+ “Where Service Begins And Satisfaction
Never Ends; Just Like the American Bald Eagle, We Take on a Job, We Just Get It Done!”




Our Beginnings:  We have been in business since 1978, over 35 years ago. 
We have  sales associates who were born in various foreign countries. 
As such, we have been able to conduct real estate transactions with people
of many nationalities.  Our name, Diplomat Realty 2000+ is very appropriate
with our business operations.


Our Broker/Owner:  C. Howard Simons, was born on the island of Bermuda.


Our Manager/Co-Owner:  Gilda Simons, was born in Honduras, C.A.


Our Agents:  hail from The United States of America; Bermuda, The Caribbean; Central and South America and Africa.


Our Clients:  Even though they transact Real Estate transactions
here in the U.S., come from many corners of the Earth.  Languages
spoken here are:  English, Spanish, Igbo and Temne.


Our Services:  Include:  Complete Real Estate services, Architectural and
Construction advice, Notary Public, Real Estate Sales Training and
Property Management.     

"We are Ready Willing And Able To Satisfy Your Every Want And Need"